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BioSuperfood 2014 Survey Results

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In 2014, the parent company ran a survey of 9000 subscribers about BioSuperfood and received answers from nearly 800 individuals.  The survey results showed enormous support for and belief in BioSuperfood across the range. 

The most important findings from the survey were:

  • diversity of reasons for using BioSuperfood
  • diversity of benefits obtained
  • how many are taking various other supplements
  • how many are taking pharmaceutical drugs
  • great satisfaction with our services and products
  • The high customer retention level

The incredibly positive results of the survey are displayed in the images below.

A Close Look at Supplementation - Part 1 of 4: Natural Vs Synthetic

The supplementation industry was born after the industrial revolution, when researchers figured out how to replicate molecules of vitamins normally occurring in nature. Today many vitamins can be synthesized from substances ranging from corn syrup to coal tar!  It is with these synthetics -- and the help of thousands of promotional articles published worldwide daily -- [...]

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Gain Health, Lose Weight

Our bodies are wonderfully designed – I believe they are perfection! Our daily routine, though, so often goes against this perfection: we sit more and move less; we eat more, but nourish ourselves less; we hurry more and savor life less and less. We’ve forgotten what gives us the power to live, and this makes [...]

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A Close Look at Supplementation - Part 4 of 4: To Supplement or Not?

Dr. Michael Kiriac once told me that if you want to make use of “supplements” for maintaining health, you have to continuously take endless pills as rapidly as you could 24 hours a day, and even with that, you would not come anywhere close to matching the digestive enzymes, insulin and alkalizing juices that are [...]

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A Close Look at Supplementation - Part 3 of 4: Foods or Supplements?

After years of researching and taking supplements, and finally rejecting them years ago even though I have continued to follow their ongoing research, I have come to the conclusion that pretty much every nutritional supplement is a massive waste of time and money.More then 36% of American take supplements.  There is little evidence that any [...]

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A Close Look at Supplementation - Part 2 of 4: Bio-availability, Life Force, Vitamins and Minerals

Welcome back!  Let's discuss Bio-availability, Life Force, Vitamins and Minerals. To start off I describe synthetic supplements as those:  concocted by manusually composed of one or many of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients, amino acids, etc. either made from chemicals, and/or they do not occur naturally with a whole foodthat are typically blends of isolates from chemicals, or if [...]

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BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concetrates) for Cardiovascular Health!

“Human metabolisms function from cellular levels to organ levels, as in the great example of the cardiovascular system. The regulation of these metabolisms depends entirely on the neuro-vegetative system directly via hormones and peptides or/and indirectly via myriads of other bio-feedback interactions. Efficient cellular nutrition for the brain master glands is indispensable for optimization of [...]

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Take 20 Minutes to Educate Yourself about one of the Most Important Things You Can Do for your Health

The only way to really understand why BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates) is the most superior form of algae-based superfood on the planet is to watch two nine-minute videos that explain the history of its development in perfect detail. Do not mistake BioSuperfood for just another form of Spirulina!  BioSuperfood is the Lamborghini of algae-based products in terms [...]

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Detoxify to Thrive

Everyday there are new people who read my various articles and I know that they are somewhat surprised to see how diverse the information is. It’s a big change for some; yet they seek answers to their chronic health concerns. They realize there’s quite a journey ahead. Often it’s difficult to significantly change one’s [...]

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Benefits of BioSuperfood for Performance in Sports and Athletics

Stay in Power with BioSuperfoodWhat worked with cows, minks, big cats, chickens and pigs will now help strength trainers and endurance athletes. BioSuperfood was proven in very large animal trials to increase strength and disease resistance of horses, sheep, cattle, chickens, hogs and many other species. This natural supplement amongst many benefits has been proven [...]

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