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The Healing Code - Powerful, Effective, Free Energy Medicine

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The story of the healing code is amazing.

Some time at the beginning of this millennium Dr. Alex Lloyd was flying home from a conference. He was praying. His wife had severe depression and they had tried everything to heal her. They were on their last leg as a family. She had even said to him and their children "maybe it's best that I leave the planet so you can get on with your life". So Alex was desperate, and needed a miracle.

He says that on that flight he received information about how to use energy to reprogram the endocrine system so the body can heal itself. He found out that the heart holds memories as images just as the brain does, and these memories form the foundation of who we are and what the state of our health is.

Dr. Lloyd found out that by focusing into the memory of how we feel in relation to a particular condition, and then creating a clearing statement and focusing energy onto various parts of the endocrine system that reverse that feeling, we can quickly release the emotional patterning that underlies the condition and we find that the condition disappears.

Dr. Lloyd worked with his wife using this new information and she was healed. He then worked with another doctor friend of his to create a series of clinical trials into the efficacy of what he came to call "The Healing Code".

In the introduction to The Healing Code, Dr. Lloyd writes:

"The Healing Codes activate powerful healing centers that can allow the body to heal itself of almost anything. They do this by removing the stress from the body, thus allowing the neuro-immune system to take over its job of healing whatever is wrong in the body."

If you hop over to Amazon and take a look at  Dr. Lloyd's "The Healing Code" book, you will see thousands of positive testimonials attesting to the validity of this energy healing modality.

It is a very exciting time on the planet as consciousness and quantum physics merge with the higher understanding that we are all energy and that we can use energy to heal many more conditions then we had ever believed before.

For myself, I use the Healing Code regularly, as does my partner, and we have found profound effects in clearing emotional blockages and physical issues.

We also encourage everyone that we speak to about BioSuperfood or any of the other high quality products we represent to understand that if you do not address the root emotional and energetic causes of disease, it is very difficult to heal yourself for the long term.

BioSuperfood is our favorite supplement by far because we have experienced it for many years and we have also experienced the effects it has had on so many others. However if we were to be forced to choose between BioSuperfood and the Healing Code, we would choose the Healing Code has our most powerful ally in health management.

Since Dr. Lloyd first wrote the seminal work "The Healing Code", he and his team have also put together a comprehensive programs to deal with all core emotional blockages. Zhara and I have recently purchased such a program and will be embarking on that journey soon.

Note we also love and use EFT or Tapping, which we love almost as much as the Healing Code!

Important Note: Some people say that the focus on making money in this organization has supplanted the desire to help people heal.  Our response is this: the book is all we used for years.  It is comprehensive, and very inexpensive.  We have chosen to move forward with a program, but no one has to! 


You can find out more about the Healing Code book here, and programs here.

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