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How does Liquid Zeolite Make You Feel?

How Does Liquid Zeolite Make You Feel?


Increased mental clarity is one of the most common healing effects we hear about. “It feels like a fog has lifted off my brain.” We believe this could be due to the removal of heavy metals.

Circulatory System

Zeolite helps to buffer blood sugar. It also absorbs acid causing hydronium ions, helping to balance systematic pH. A stable pH aids almost all bodily systems from balancing immunity to increasing Oxygen transportation.

Immune System

The beta-glucans and other polysaccharides in Megadefense mushroom complex make it possible to modulate (or balance) all 260 types of human immune cells. Liquid Zeolite also helps balance immunity by buffering pH, absorbing antigens and allergens and blocking viral replication.

Liver and Kidneys

Zeolite supports kidney and liver function by absorbing and neutralising heavy metals like mercury, lead, aluminium along with volatile organics and many other toxins. Allowing these vital organs to work more effectively.

Digestive System

Zeolite helps the digestive system by absorbing and neutralising heavy metals and nitrosamines, balancing pH, Increasing nutrient absorption and promoting healthy gut micro-organisms, in turn decreasing stomach flu’s and infections.

Cancer and Tumors

Zeolite helps reduce cancer risk by absorbing large amounts of positively charged toxins associated with cancer, as well as balancing immune function. It is also believed zeolite may activate the P21 tumour suppressor gene, This gene appears to stop the growth of tumours by actively suppressing growth signals.

Overall Health

Zeolite has been used throughout Asia for over 800 years as a general cure all. It acts as a powerful antioxidant, not by balancing free radicals like most antioxidants, but by absorbing and removing them. Check out our testimonials page to see the thousands of success stories.

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