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Reducing Bad Cholesterol with BSF

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In a study conducted by the Department of Internal Medicine of Tokai University in Japan, it was concluded that spirulina (as contained in BSF) lowers serum cholesterol and is likely to have a favorable effect in alleviating heart disease.

Thirty males with high cholesterol, mild hypertension, and hyperlipidemia showed lower serum cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL (undesirable fat) levels after eating spirulina for eight weeks. These men had not made any changes to their diet apart from adding spirulina.

The first group consumed 4.2 grams of spirulina daily for eight weeks. Total serum cholesterol dropped a significant 4.5% within four weeks from 244 to 233. The second group consumed spirulina for four weeks and then stopped. Serum cholesterol decreased but shortly returned to the initial level. Researchers found triglyceride levels decreased slightly and LDL cholesterol decreased a significant 6.1% within four weeks. The reduction of serum cholesterol was even greater in those men with the highest cholesterol levels. The study did not speculate on how spirulina lowered cholesterol. No adverse effects were noted. 1

In another study done with rats, researchers attempted to find the method by which spirulina lowers serum cholesterol. They discovered that it might have an effect on the metabolism of lipoproteins. The oil soluble portion was found to suppress cholesterol levels in the serum and liver of rats. 5

Researchers in West Germany had previously discovered cholesterol reduction during a weight loss study with spirulina 2, while the Japanese research showed lower cholesterol without weight loss, suggesting that cholesterol reduction was not related to weight loss. Spirulina had been chosen in this study because it had previously been shown to lower serum cholesterol in rats. 3,4


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