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Detoxification Programs

Detoxification Programs

BioSuperfood Optimizes the Body to Detoxify at 100% Efficiency

BioSuperfood was developed specifically for the purpose of supporting the body's innate detoxification functions to operate at 100% efficiency. The "Four Perfect Algae" in BioSuperfood were chosen out of over 1000 algae tested after decades of research. So you have found the best possible formula.

When the body's cells operate at 100% efficiency, the immune system and the hypothalmus is running at full power, thus resisting disease and detoxifying the body naturally in every moment.  If we provide the purest form of every possible nutrient the body needs to support it's innate intelligenceit will naturally do what it does best: detoxify the body and support cellular function.

Superior to all Other Algae Products

BioSuperfood is superior to all other Algae products because Dr. Kiriak and his team have analyzed literally thousands of possible combinations of components and have come up with the BioSuperfood formula, and because it is grown at the purest possible in-door location to the highest possible quality standards.

The proof that it provides a "one-two punch" of detoxification AND nourishment can be borne out by the research and awards as well as the hundreds of testimonials available to interested parties.

BioSuperfood provides you with all of the nutrition your body needs, while detoxifying you daily.  It really is "The Algae Answer," the best solution for nutrition and detoxification on the market.

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What are Micro-Algae?

Everything humans need to live in good health already exists on Earth. One of the most healthful foods is spread in a fine film over most of the surface of the earth, invisible to the naked eye. However, modern intelligent humans have lost sight of its value. Ancient humans, Aztecs, Mayans, tribal Africans, the largest mammals (whales) and other intuitively intelligent animals have long been aware of this natural life-giving food source. The plant cells in this film are called micro-algae.

These little organisms are miniature factories, turning out amazing amounts of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein, and enzymes. Some species contain more nutrition per ounce than anything you can eat, including bee pollen, which is the most nutritionally dense land-based food. There are over 25,000 species of algae on earth and thousands of micro-algae, and more are discovered each year. Many contain a higher concentration of chlorophyll than any other known plant, and have a very complex RNA and DNA. Some micro-algae are a complete protein food, containing large amounts of beta-carotene (provitamin  A), all the B vitamins, vitamin C and E, and many minerals in high enough amounts to be considered perfect food. Most importantly, the essential amino acid profile of algae is virtually identical to that required by the human body.

Certain micro-algae are effective in eliminating heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, copper, and cadmium. The protein yield is greater than soybeans, corn, and beef. Some algae contain GLA, a very important essential fatty acid and a precursor to the body’s master hormones. Research has shown that Spirulina algae alone could double the complete protein available to humanity on a fraction of the world’s land. Acre for acre, Spirulina yields 20 times more protein than soybeans and 400 times more protein than beef. Its makeup is 71% protein, 17% carbohydrates, and 7% fats.

Several types of micro-algae stimulate the immune system, improve digestion, detoxify the body, enhance growth and tissue repair, accelerate healing, protect against radiation, help prevent degenerative disease, and promote longer life. They may strengthen the liver, the body’s major detoxifying organ. Many have a beneficial effect on arthritis and hypertension. One example of a most important benefit comes from a combination of molecules that biochemists call the Controlled Growth Factor, a unique composition that provides a noticeable increase in sustained energy and immune health when eaten regularly.

Click Here to Buy BioSuperfood Now!

Click Here to Buy BioSuperfood Now!

Click Here to Buy BioSuperfood Now!

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