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Fukushima's Kids

Fukushima's Kids

The hot zone around the destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant is indisputably contaminated with high level radioactive particles.  There are approximately 375,000 children still living in this area even though the radiation levels show that it is clearly not safe to do so. Sadly, these children are without choice in the matter and are beginning to develop thyroid nodules, cysts and cancers at an alarming rate.

We must only look at the aftermath of Chernobyl to see the health consequences that are are very likely in store for Fukushima's children and the generations that follow, unless there is intervention.

Chernobyl's Aftermath

The video below, produced by Chernobyl Children International, gives insight into the suffering of the children in the Chernobyl area, 28 years after the nuclear disaster, and the efforts of the beautiful people who are there to help them. Please be advised, the suffering and birth defects in this video may be shocking for some audiences.

Adi Roche's Chernobyl Children International - Facts Regarding Chernobyl's Aftermath
  • Today in Ukraine more than 6,000 children every year are born with genetic heart defects
  • Since 1986 there has been more than a 200% increase in birth defects and a 250% increase in congenital birth deformities in children born
  • Belarus doctors state that within the Eastern European country's population there has been a 2,400% increase in the incidence of thyroid cancer, a 200% increase in breast cancer and a 100% increase in cancers and leukemia

For more information regarding Chernobyl's children, please visit Adi Roche's Chernobyl Children International

06af4e016790f4ded6ab4c1d2a5d0086.jpgChildren are the most vulnerable to the situation as their little bodies are accumulating radionuclides at a devastating rate. There are approximately 375,000 children living in the Fukushima prefecture. In 2013 in Fukushima, the media reported 35.8% of children living in Fukushima have developed thyroid cysts and there were 98 confirmed cases of thyroid cancer.

Executive Director of The Radiation and Public Health Project Jason Mangano states that more than 120 cases of childhood cancer have been indicated where only three would be expected.  The article that quotes Mangano, written on June 14, 2014 states that over 48% of 375,000 children (that's almost 200,000 children) tested by Fukushima Medical University have pre-cancerous thyroid abnormalities, primarily nodules and cysts. http://ecowatch.com/2014/06/14/fukushima-children-dying/  

Depending on the media report that you read, the statistics vary. What is clear throughout mainstream media reports is that officials are not releasing the full data set to the public and are downplaying any potential health risk.

As the Fukushima nightmare continues, currently with no end in sight, the bio-accumulation nightmare is just beginning to unfold.

The Algae Answer is beginning a campaign to raise awareness and funds so that we may send BioSuperfood to Fukushima's children. BioSuperfood can make a difference in the health of these children and the generations to follow.

We are currently sourcing a volunteer in the Fukushima area that will ensure the BioSuperfood is received by the children most in need. We will also supply Fukushima Kid's House in Hawaii.

To Do This We Could Use Your Help

Are you able to help?  Can you coordinate a fundraising effort through your school, community or organization? Can you donate?  Can you help us help the children in any other way? This effort is just beginning, and we are putting a call out for anyone who can help it grow. Please contact Zhara at the phone number below if you are able to assist in any way:


The children of Fukushima require ongoing support to detox the radioactivity within their bodies.   Their futures and their children's futures don't need to mimic those suffering in Chernobyl. Please give what you can to support Fukushima's children. Your support is very much appreciated by us and by Fukushima's kids.

*Donations are not yet tax deductible. Can you help us gain tax deductible status? If so please contact Zhara at the number above.

Our Donation Program

We are currently in the process of sourcing a charity with tax-exempt status to accept donations on behalf of Fukushima Kid's Campaign.  Until then, we are accepting donations to our program via the paypal account of The Algae Answer Fukushima Kid's Campaign. We will send you a receipt for your donation and are very grateful for your assistance.  All donations will be fully used for the purchase of BioSuperfood for Fukushima's children.

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Click Here to Buy BioSuperfood Now!

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