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Healing Animals

Healing Animals with BioPreparation

brochure9-small.jpgWhat is BioPreparation?

BioPreparation is an exclusive blend of micro-algae that holds extraordinary nutritional properties.  BioPreparation was extensively researched in the former Soviet Union for over 13 years on over 20 species of animals.  The research, let by Dr Michael Kiriac, demonstrates that BioPreparation helps restore the "inner genius" of the endocrine (hormonal) system, which regulates all aspects of health.

  • Dr. Kiriac's formulations were credited with saving the Soviet livestock industry from widespread disease.  Learn more about this in the video below or by reading the downloadable PDF Awakening the Genius.
  • During research in the former USSR, Dr. Kiriac and his team saw 100% healing and eradication of "Marek" disease* in 1.5 million chickens.

BioPreparation is a true holistic revolution.  It is Nature's vitamin chest in a capsule, literally containing over 5,000 different nutrients.  BioPreparation has saved the lives of pets when a vet could not determine why the pet was dying or make an "official" diagnosis.

Biopreparation is formulated especially with your pets and barnyard animals in mind. The formulas contain the same powerful algae blend as BioSuperfood, however Biopreparation has been granulated especially for animal's digestive systems.  Biopreparation was prepared to be readily absorbable by all of your animal friends, including the feathered kind!

“Dr. Kiriac’s life work and revolutionary concept on cellular nutrition is a must read for conventional and alternative practitioners. I have personally witnessed numerous health benefits from the Bio-Algae Concentrates for humans and animals.”  Michael W. Lemmon, DVM, cofounder and past president of the AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association)

Give your pet the health it deserves. Save money, buy fewer supplements, and simplify your life!

Why do Animals Need BioPreparation?


Processed pet food bears little or no resemblance to the natural diet of a carnivore.  Canned food and dry kibble lack important nutrients, including enzymes that are necessary for proper digestion.  Without enzymes pets age faster and are plagued with degenerative diseases  such as arthritis, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes and others.

Animals in the wild instinctively feed themselves on raw food and consume algae when they drink from natural water sources.  BioPreparation is made from the most nutritious algae in the world: rich in complete proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants.  Feeding BioPreparation to our animal companions provides them the daily essential nutrients to support their health the way Nature intended it.

What Can BioPreparation Do for Your Pet?
  • brochure5-small.jpgBoost immune system and prevent diseases
  • Provide potent, energising nutrition
  • Help achieve supple skin and shiny coat
  • Reduce arthritis pain and inflammation
  • Increase mobility and flexibility
  • Improve digestion and elimination
  • Increase stamina and overall energy
  • Balance mood and promote calmer emotions
  • Prevent and reduce tumors
  • Increase life expectancy
  • Induce a bigger litter with higher survival rates
More than Just Superfood

BioPreparation is a breakthrough in holistic pet nutrition.  It contains over 5,000 naturally occuring nutrients:

  • brochure7-small.jpg
    Vitamins A, B complex with B12, C, D, E & K
  • Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9)
  • All essential minerals and 92 trace elements
  • Complete proteins with over 20 amino acids
  • Superior antioxidant power hundreds of times more powerful than beta-carotene in carrots, vitame E or C
  • Thousands of Enzymes - nature's powerful digestive and metabolic agents
  • 100% natural. No pesticides or preservatives
A Whole Food Product

BioPreparation is a whole food product that is safe, naturally occurring, balanced and complete with thousands of natural enzymes unlike most isolated or synthetic compounds found in other supplements.

Superior Immune System Support

A weak immune system, degenerative conditions and diseases, and a shorter life span are all indications of deficient diets (dry kibble and canned food). BioPreparation helps give back to your pets the health Nature intended them to have.

100% Natural Superfood

BioPreparation comes in two formulas that awaken your pet's natural ability to heal.  Both contain a rich source of life-enhancing proteins, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

BioPreparation F2+
General Nutritional Support (60 Capsules)

A revitalizing concentrate of nature's best nutrients and phytonutrients.

  • Daily essential nutrients
  • Immune system support
  • Source of antioxidants
  • Maximises absorption of nutrients
  • Boosts energy and promotes calmness

Formulated for health rejuvenation and maintenance (a pinch to 3 capsules daily)

BioPreparation F3+
Advanced Nutritional Support (60 capsules)

Awaken the genius within with nature's most powerful antioxidants.

  • Powerful immunity and toxin shield
  • Body rejuvenation and repair
  • Promotes strength and vitality
  • Nutraceutic approach

Supports a more advanced approach to health (a pinch to 3 capsules daily)

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Quality Assurance

The manufacturer BioNutrition ensures that strict standards for safety, quality and purity are adhered to throughout the various processes and controls. BioPreparation is ecologically harvested, pesticide and herbicide free.

brochure6-prep.jpgInternational Awards

Cross of the Legion - Inventions and Technologies - Eureka International 2002, Brussels, Belgium
Gold Medal Invention BioPreparation - Eureka International 2002, Brussels, Belgium


My two year old poodle, Hubie, started to develop fatty tumors under the skin.  As Hubie got older, they continued to develop and they peaked in numbers at more than ten.  Giving BioPreparation over three months was enough to cause this final reduction in fatty tumors from over ten at its peak to just one small one now.  G.J., USA

We had a cat that came to our hospital that had not eaten in 4 days.  All lab tests and blood work were negative. Further examination found absolutely nothing wrong with the cat but it was still dying. I never figured out what was wrong with the cat but the owner was very thankful that BioPreparation literally saved the cat's life.  Dr Michael King, DVM Canyon Animal Hospital

My Anya had IMHA ror AIHA.  Yesterday we got the excellent results with her PCV/Hematocrit back in the normal range.  She is currently doing exremely well after a very rocky road at times. We have used the F2+ and F3+ capsules with great results. It only took a low does for Anya (weight 25+ kgs/ 55+ lbs) of 1/2 capsule 4 times daily to bring Anya's red blood cells to a reasonable level. She had ben down to 7% and yesterday she was at 39%!  Jeanna & Anya, U.K.

Just wanted to let you know that Abby had her semi-annual blood work done last week and the results were fantastic! She had been diagnosed with chronic renal failure (CRF), and the vet told me that she saw no evidence of kidney disease in the current blood work.  She said that on paper it looked like the results of a young cat (Abby is 17).  I attribute that to BioPreparation.  B.K.

Our Cairn Terrier was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and had surgery to remove the cancer tumor and spleen.   He was given an estimate of 2-4 months to live (if lucky) after surgery.  He is getting BioPreparation and is enjoying life now, more than 46 months after the procedure and still doing well.  He has outlived the vet's prognosis by over 11 times! Thank you for helping Macintosh beat the cancer odds and giving him a new lease on life. N.A

"...a revolutionary concept of cellular nutrition... From personal experience I have seen many health benefits for humans and animals." Dr. Michael Lemmon, DVM, cofounder, past president of AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association)

If you have not yet read Awakening the Genius by Roland Thomas, BSc, ND or viewed the summary video (below) we highly recommend it. You quite possibly will want to ensure your pets and livestock have Biopreparation for life.

The Amazing Story of BioSuperfood
* Marek's disease is a highly contagious viral neoplastic disease in chickens. It is named after József Marek, a Hungarian veterinarian. Occasionally misdiagnosed as an abtissue pathology it is caused by an alphaherpesvirus known as 'Marek's disease virus' (MDV) or Gallid herpesvirus 2 (GaHV-2). The disease is characterized by the presence of T cell lymphoma as well as infiltration of nerves and organs by lymphocytes.

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Click Here to Buy BioSuperfood Now!

Click Here to Buy BioSuperfood Now!

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