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Managing Gmail Promotions Tab

Managing Gmail's Promotional Tab

How to make sure promotional newsletters never get stuck in Gmail's Promotional inbox again!

As of May 2013, Gmail's web interface now has three different tabs on top: Primary, Social and Promotions. Gmail's logic is that they can help keep your inbox clean from social information and promotions.  This makes some sense, except for two things:

1) We're not using email the way we used to, so we are receiving fewer emails, and with current spam scrubbing technology, we're getting far less spam. So it's a lot easier to keep our inboxes clean than it used to be.

2) We end up missing important messages that we want to see because we forget to look in the social or promotions box. For example, if you sign up for a newsletter, you probably want to receive information from that source. But when it goes into the promotions tab, you might miss out on important information or time-sensitive promotions. Not very helpful!

The good news is that there are two simple ways to deal with this issue:

Option 1: Move the email from the Promotions tab to the Primary tab. Gmail will ask you for confirmation, and will also ask you whether you want all future emails from that email address to go into the Primary box. Click YES, and voila, you're done. Emails from that address will always go into your Primaryin box. Here's an example of the confirmation message:  


A word of caution: Many automated email systems like Mailchimp try to avoid a particular email from being classified as "spam" but having a very long-winded "from" address like:

"[email protected]". This "from" email address is changed every time they send out a promotional email, so this option will not work. Each time an email campaign is sent out from this provider, it will go into the Promotions box. So you might want to consider Option 2. Option 2: Remove your Promotions tab completely. After you move all the emails in the Promotions tab into your Primary tab, and empty out the Promotions box entirely, you'll see the following message:


So click on the "inbox settings" link and you will be shown the following popup:


Just put your mouse over the "Promotions" option, and untick it, and click Save. (You can do the same with Social if you like) This will remove the tab from your gmail interface for good, and any emails that would have gone into the Promotions inbox will now go into your Primary inbox. We recommend that you choose option 2 because it is far simpler and takes care of everything, and then you never need to worry about it again. Note: Another way to remove the tab (or restore it later if you desire) is to go into Gmail settings, click on the inbox tab, and untick (or tick) the tab that you want to remove (or add back). See below:


For further information about removing tabs, you can check out the following links:

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