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Our Team

Our Team

marc.jpgMarc Gimbrere, Founder/Director  Marc has decades of experience in IT development, small company development and management and has run several successful small companies. However, an itch to help people with top quality health products has shifted his focus from IT to marketing health products.  He is the director of the newly formed YouThriveHealth, which is focusing on innovative techniques to get the word out about a small number of top products and technologies to practitioners and end-users. 

Marc also has a good deal of personal experience in alternative medicine. After being run over by a car and undergoing a near death experience at the age of 28, he has researched and experienced many different healing modalities.  Marc is very excited about being able to offer the extraordinary BioSuperfood formulas to the world.

Currently 54 years old, after having completely rebuilt his body from his accident, most people think that Marc is 10 years younger than he actually is.  This is a true testimony to how Marc puts his money where his mouth is and walks his talk in relation to his personal health. 

zhara.pngZhara Mahlstedt, Founder/Director  Over the past 6 years Zhara has trained with inventors and self-studied metaphysics, cellular health and out-of-the box solutions for empowering the body's innate wisdom. The drive of this study is to  discover "how this all works". Why and how are we here on Earth?  What is the nature of "reality"? How does reality relate to our bodies? How can we live to be 250 years old, healthfully and happily, despite the environmental "disasters" that are unfolding?  One day in May 2014, she was meditating and had a vision of a greenhouse being the only way to keep her organic garden truly organic.  That revelation immediately prompted two questions to the Universe. What is the answer to optimal cellular nutrition? What is the optimal solution for detoxing heavy metals and radiation from the body?   In June of 2014, she and Marc were introducted to BioSuperfood.  It was one of the missing answers Zhara was looking for, and she knew her family wasn't the only one who required it.  

pahl.pngPahl Dixon, Founder  Environmental refugee from Malibu California. Happy to research natural wellness solutions and turn people onto them. Pahl found BioSuperfood a few years ago and reckons it is the most exciting product ever. Motivated by the global radiation situation, Pahl is dedicated to getting the world out to the world of how BioSuperfood can help.  He is a co-founder of the Earth Repair Alliance.  His main wish is to see the Fukushima issue sorted so he can surf Hawaii again.

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