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Awakening the Genius Within - The full eBook on the story of the development and applicaton of BioSuperfood - A BRILLIANT READ!  Takes about an hour to read, if you're serious about nutrition you should definitely read it!

Bio-Algae Concentrates - A Breed Apart - Brilliant short article by naturopath Roland Thomas about the scientific basis of BioSuperfood (originally known as BAC or Bio-Algae Concentrates)

Top 10 Reasons - A PDF version of the web page BioSuperfood: The top ten reasons why it is far superior to any other algae, multi-vitamin or organic food available today

The Magic of BAC

Following is a complete index to Dr Roland Thomas, ND's full online book about BioSuperfood (otherwise known as BAC or Bio-Algae Concentrates)

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One Disease – Cellular Disease 

BAC – A Quantum Leap in Holistic Cellular Nutrition 

Why BAC is likely the most efficient food on Earth 

Why I want to write about BAC 

What are Bio-Algae Concentrates? 

BAC – 20,000 person years of Russian research 

BAC – North American Research – Chicken’s Viability 

BAC – North American Research – The Pleasant Mile Dairy Farm 

BAC – North American Research – The Alain Forget Dairy Farm 

Bio-Algae Concentrates helps victims of the Chernobyl 

BAC – North American Research – Healthy Blood Count in People 

The nutritional treasures inside BAC 

The ingredients in BAC 

Detailed list of nutrients in BAC 

How BAC awakens the genius within 

The astounding health benefits of BAC 

BAC – nutritional energy medicine 

BAC – the world’s best source for protein and amino acids 

The incredible array of vitamins contained in BAC 

BAC contains the most complete offering of minerals 

Iron in BAC and prevention of anemia 

Thousands of enzymes in BAC 

BAC – Rich source of essential fatty acids (EFA) 

Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) in BAC stimulates master hormones 

The photosynthetic life giving pigments content of BAC 

Chlorophyll, the Sheppard of Light in BAC 

An incredible arsenal of antioxidants in Bio-Algae Concentrates 

BAC contains high level of astaxanthin, the star of carotenoid 

Phycocyanin in BAC may enhance the immune system 

Porphyrin in BAC supports healthy red blood cells 

The fats, sugars, salts and calories of BAC 

The differences between BAC and other algae 

BAC for people on any low-carb diet 

BAC for dieting and weight loss 

BAC for vitality and intestinal health 

BAC for nervous system disorders 

BAC for appetite suppression and reducing cravings 

BAC for enhancing brain function 

BAC are ideal for proper pH balance 

BAC for assisting the body in preventing cancer 

Studies show how BAC’s nutrients can help the body reverse cancer 

More clinical evidence that BAC helps the body fights cancer 

How BAC boost immune system function 

The important Polysaccharides found in BAC 

BAC’s remarkable healing properties 

BAC and reduction of bad cholesterol 

BAC for your heart and blood vessels 

BAC for heavy metals detoxification 

BAC for hypoglycemia and diabetes 

Seeing is believing – Visual health with BAC 

BAC for cleansing and detoxification 

Stay in Power with BAC – Fitness and Athletics 

BAC are better than bulk vitamins and minerals 

Fertility, fecundity and viability with BAC 

The many benefits when consuming BAC 

How to take BAC 

The cost of BAC 

Where to get BAC 

Frequently asked questions about BAC 

BAC cases 

BAC people testimonials

BAC animal cases and testimonials 

Additional and supporting research 


About the author: Roland Thomas 


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Click Here to Buy BioSuperfood Now!

Click Here to Buy BioSuperfood Now!

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