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Top 10 Reasons BioSuperfood is the Best Spirulina Based Superfood

Top 10 Reasons BioSuperfood is the Best Spirulina Based Superfood

Here are the top 10 reasons why BioSuperfood is far superior to any other algae, multi-vitamin or organic food available today:

boxes.46.jpgUnparalleled Nutrient Content

BioSuperfood contains over 5000 minerals and nutrients including all known amino acids, all known minerals and trace elements, all vitamins, fatty acids, dozens of the best carotenoids, thousands of enzymes, other phytonutrients, extraordinarily mixed chlorophylls and much more. Dr Kiriac’s research showed that the growing environment of the algae (including light, temperature, water conditions and ambient air) was of the utmost importance in ensuring maximum nutrient content in the algae. Today, Dr Kiriac directly supervises the growing environment, and the algae is freeze-dried using a proprietary process that preserves nutrient content 100%.

The Purest of Intention

In the mid-70s the Soviet government tasked its top universities to find a cure for the pandemic of diseases, cancers and low productivity in their livestock industry.  They spent many millions of dollars on one student’s promising research. That student was Dr Kiriac and his research led to the formulation of BioSuperfood. The motivation for the discovery was not profit or to find a product for market; the motivation was to save the country’s food supply.

15 Years of Well-Funded Scientific Research

Dr Kiriac’s teams have totalled thousands of researchers and workers, 15 years of intensive research and many millions of dollars of funding. No expense was spared to find the solution the Soviet government was looking for – a solution to disease.  After an intensive decade-long selection process Dr. Kiriac and his team narrowed down the absolute best combination of algaes for human and animal consumption to the formula currently in BioSuperfood.

Several large trials included millions of animals. Thousands of children from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster were saved. Results with these children included regeneration of bone marrow, spinal fluids, blood and liver; reduction in urine radioactivity levels by over 40% in 20 days.  Leukaemia cases saw dangerously low white blood counts improved in less than 20 days leading to rapid improvements in the health of many children. Miraculously, while continuing to take BioSuperfood, many recovered and stayed well in the continued presence of Chernobyl’s radiation.

The Potency of Synergy

Over 15 years, hundreds of algae strains were investigated for their stand-alone benefits and the potency of different combinations. A total of four were decided upon, creating the synergy that is BioSuperfood.  BioSuperfood is a precisely proportioned combination of four types of algae that deliver benefits never seen by any other algae or algae blend.

Purest Growing Environment Equals Purest of Products

An advanced enclosed bioreactor system, strict growing environment and water sourced from 2,000 feet below the Kamchatka peninsula ensures the purest of products. Health Canada’s stringent Natural Product certification program verifies each batch of BioSuperfood is free from toxins including pollutants, mould, heavy metals and pesticides. 

Added Benefits of Astaxanthin

Dr Kiriac’s intensive research observed that astaxanthin alone has intense and short-lived benefits but was unable to empower the body to stabilize disease. However, when combined with three other strains of algae, Dr Kiriac and his team found the perfect combination…and the results they had been looking for in supporting the body to respond to a wide variety of conditions.

Maximum Bio-Availability

Balance within the proportions of the algae (or any food or supplement for that matter) are of highest importance in proper assimilation, absorption and utilization by the body. BioSuperfood was specifically studied for maximum bioavailability. It is also able to be absorbed sublingually (under the tongue) for severely compromised digestive systems.

Beyond Organic

Organic standards only take factors such as genetically modified organisms, irradiation and synthetic, artificial and chemical growing agents into account. Unfortunately even if the food we eat is labelled organic, because of  rapid soil degradation, there is a very good chance the soil our organic food is grown in is deficient.  In most cases the food is unable to provide the nutrient content that our cells are looking for to function optimally. BioSuperfood goes beyond organic. The algae within BioSuperfood is grown in strictly controlled conditions that ensure a potency of nutrient content that is extremely rare to find in today’s supplements and foods

The Perfection of a Whole Food

Vitamin supplements are fractionated food. They do not contain nearly the potency of nutrients that whole foods can deliver, nor are they bioavailable to the body because of the extraction and manufacturing processes. Many vitamins and supplements also contain artificial fillers that require our cells’ energy to process and eliminate.  Most people are able to eliminate most or all of their other supplementation when taking BioSuperfood.

Optimal Cellular Function Equals Wellness

Let’s simplify health! The state of our health is dependent on the state of health within our body’s cells. “Symptoms” including low energy and disease are merely a reflection of our cellular health. If we can provide our cells with the fuel they require to optimally function, the state of our health will reap the benefits. BioSuperfood is an answer to optimal cellular function.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or TGA. This article and the information contained within are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  

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