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What is BioSuperfood?

What is BioSuperfood?

Dr. Michael Kiriac PhD and FamilyBioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates) is your most powerful option for next-generation health support.  BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates) is exceptional because it rebuilds the body on a cellular level as well as at the level of the endocrine system and the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.  And every true healer knows, disease and health is a battle fought at the cellular level.

The first keys to BioSuperfood’s amazing qualities lie in its history:

  • The doctor who created BSF, Dr Michael Kiriac PhD (pictured with his family to the right), developed it in response to a genetic disposition in his family to pancreatic cancer, and his desire to help humanity.  He is a humanist foremost, and a scientist second.  He is the epitome of the term “healer”.
  • Dr Kiriac spent 15 years and hundreds of millions of dollars researching BSF, with the support of the Soviet Union and even Mikael Gorbachev.
  • During this period he ran trials on hundreds of thousands of animals, sometimes with up to 600 workers, narrowing down over 1000 algae to the perfect formula of four found in BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates).
  • Dr Kiriac was awarded Person of the Year in the Soviet Union for his work with BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates) saving the Soviet livestock industry, and his massive assistance to the irradiated victims of Chernobyl.

BioReactor at The Algae AnswerThe second key to BioSuperfood’s amazing qualities is how it is manufactured:

  • BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates) is grown within enclosed bio-reactors (like the ones pictured left) on the Kamchatka peninsula so it is not tainted by environmental pollutants – few other algae health  products can claim this.  Most Spirulina is grown outdoors and absorb the environmental pollutants.
  • The water for growing it is sourced from 2000 feet below the bio-reactors and is highly mineralized.
  • Decades of research into growing the algae blend has led to a very exact science in regards to growing cycles, temperature changes, and turbidity of the water./li>
  • The product is freeze-dried, and sent to Canada, where each batch is certified mould and pollution free by Health Canada.

The third key to BSF’s amazing qualities is how it works in the body:

Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) Axis

  • BioSuperfood is a combination of 4 precisely mixed algae (Spirulina Platensis, Spirulina Pacifica, Dunaliella Salina and Haematococcus with Astaxanthin) whose formulation has been perfected over 15 years of research to synergize the interaction between them in the body.
  • Cyanobacteria (including Spirulina) are singled out as THE most efficient food source for bringing sun energy to the body.
  • BioSuperfood contains up to 15,000 different nutrients/phytonutrients, some in minute quantities, including: all known amino acids, all known minerals, all known vitamins, high levels of chlorophylls, dozens of carotenoids, many fatty acids (Omega 3,6,9, GLA), unique phytonutrients and phycobilins found only in algae, thousands of enzymes, and much more.
  • Because it is so micronized it is highly bio-available so it gets into the blood stream quickly and has no problem crossing the blood-brain barrier.
  • BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates) optimizes the function of every cell in the body, increasing availability of nutrients, optimizing waste management, kicking every cell’s mitochondria’s ATP production into high gear. Rather than fatigued, dehydrated, acidic, hypoxic, positive polarity, intoxicated, and viscous with poor growth, low repair and short life, the cells on BioSuperfood are energized, hydrated, alkaline, Anexic, negative polarity, detoxified, fluid cells that grow well, repair and regenerate fast, and have longer life. These upgrades affect Osmotic work, Biosynthesis, Sensory function, Signalling and Electrical Work.
  • Because it can cross the blood-brain barrier and properly nourish the various glands, the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis performance increases when consuming BioSuperfood. Therefore the performance of ALL glands and organs increase, instead of their normal decline with age. Furthermore, as the HPA regulates the production of Calcitriol, critical Vitamin D metabolism is restored when the HPA is supported by BioSuperfood.
  • In ALL mammals tested, spermatogenesis increases when consuming BSF. 400% more sperms, 400% more active, and 400% longer living!

Simply put, there is absolutely no green product on the planet with the pedigree, research and purity of BioSuperfood. It is a true cellular repair and anti-aging miracle. And because it replaces the need for all other supplementation, it usually ends up paying for itself.

Download the free PDF ebook to read the entire amazing BioSuperFood story including the history and details of the research in Awakening the Genius Within:

Download the free PDF ebook to read the entire amazing BioSuperFood story including the history and details of the research in Awakening the Genius Within:


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BioSuperfood at The Algae Answer

Further details about BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates)

BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates) is a scientific formulation of four of the most effective nutritional and immune support foods available to humanity today. It is an organic, whole food comprised of the most nutrient and phytonutrient dense micro-alga found on our planet - Spirulina Platensis, Spirulina Pacifica, Dualiella Salina and Haematococcus Pluvialis for its high astaxanthin content. BioSuperFood provides 5,000+ nutrients with full essential vitamins and minerals - plus powerful bioactive compounds for every cell in your body to utilize for detoxification, healing, rebuilding and thriving in the face of unavoidable stress, pollution and radiation.

BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates) is an unparalleled holistic food for unparalleled cellular nutrition. These synergistic blends of thousands of micro-nutrients are equipped to nourish every single cell, including those of the brain, proven to be able to cross the blood brain barrier and retinal barrier (eyes). Because of this cerebral nutrition, the hypothalamus can easily detect the heavy metals in the body, which are subsequently eliminated through the liver, kidneys and intestine.

images.jpgBioSuperfood's quality and purity is assured under Health Canada's Natural Products Certification program. Each batch is guaranteed free of pollutants.

BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates) is not a laboratory produced man-made supplement. It is exactly what Nature intended, a balanced whole food teeming with nutrition. This proprietary formula of microalgae delivers nutrients in their completely natural and bio-available form - a form that the body easily recognizes and can readily use for healing, repair, anti-aging, etc.  A Proprietary Freeze-dry Technique is used that preserves 100% of the nutrients.

BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates) is a breed apart from any other basic algae such as Spirulina or Chlorella. BioSuperfood has powerful, rejuvenating, healing and nourishing effect on the body and brain. We truly believe that BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates) has no equal.  The formulas contain balance and synergy between the selected algae in the blend. Applied hydroponics enhance each base algae's precise proportions and specificity in the blends.  Each base alga is selected for its base value alone, and then for its balance and synergistic properties in combination with the other algae.  research.jpgThe algae Spirulina Pacifica and Spirulina Platensis have the highest amount of naturally occurring proteins, vitamins, minerals, EFA, trace elements and enzymes than any other algae. Biosuperfood's Astaxanthin, the king of alpha-carotene as derived from Haematoccocus Pluvialis, is one the most potent antioxidants in nature. Studies suggest that Astaxanthin can deliver 1000 times the antioxidant power of vitamin E. Dunaliella, the king of beta-carotene is a green/yellow mono-cellular alga that contains the highest known concentration of beta-carotene - approximately 10% of the base alga weight. Dunaliella has been used in anti-cancer research and has many promising results in reduction of tumors and cancer cells. It is also very high in vitamin C which complements Spirulina, part of a well-known synergy between the two.  The result is that BSF contains 100% naturally occurring constituents, with nothing artificial.

healthy-girl.jpgHealth Benefits

Our bodies are innately brilliant. If our bodies receive the support to function optimally, we can thrive. To understand how our bodies will benefit from BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates), we must understand how our bodies work, and why, more than any other time in human history, it is critical to give our bodies the best support available. To break it down very simply: 

Healthy cells = Healthy bodies
Unhealthy cells = Sickness and disease

Today our water, food, air, soil and modern lifestyles are dangerously contaminated with toxicity that comes in many forms.  Stress and electromagnetic frequencies that are incompatible with our natural cellular frequencies are two.  Chemicals, pesticides, radiation and heavy metals are a few more of the unavoidable. We breathe them, we eat them, we drink them, we absorb them through our skin. Unfortunately there is very little, if any, way around it.

This toxicity is a major catalyst for our cellular decay. Low energy, various bodily and mental complaints and disease begin to appear in our bodies because our cells are overloaded and undernourished.  Because of the potency of pesticides and insecticides; pollutants in the air and water from climate engineering and environmental pollution; GMOs; soil degradation and processed foods (to name a few) the population is suffering from malnutrition and a buildup of toxicity. This build up is one of the major causes for the plague of disease that has become the norm in western society.


If we eat 100% organic or are growing our own food we are giving ourselves an advantage. Unfortunately, it is not enough.  The vast majority of store bought vitamins and supplements are designed to be low potency and made from inferior ingredients, thus ineffective.

The good news is that the resources are available to help our bodies thrive in these conditions.

BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates) is an ultimate foundation for empowering our bodies to be vital and well.  When our cells receive and assimilate a full spectrum of bioavailable nutrients, cellular function is optimized and the following can occur:

  • Regain, protect and maintain overall health and immune system.
  • Empower your body's innate wellness wisdom
  • Empower the body to remove heavy metals
  • Empower your body to protect itself from radiation
  • Support digestion to absorb nutrients thus fewer cravings and less food consumed
  • Support intestinal health
  • Protection from free radicals
  • Peak performance for athletes
  • For adults, children and animals
  • Vegans and Vegetarians - contains complete protein makeup and the rare plant vitamin B12
  • Health Canada approved as "A source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health."

BioSuperfood has assisted thousands of people to regain and maintain their health and well-being. Will you be next?


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How was BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates) discovered?

In the 1970s rampant disease was spreading through the livestock population of the former Soviet Union. The former government mandated that universities research an answer to the diseases. One student, Michael Kiriac, who sadly lost five family members to pancreatic cancer, was producing promising research on micro-algae. Mr. Kiriac's devastating losses became the fuel for his research. He was chosen to receive millions of dollars of government funding and support to continue his research for an answer.  After 13 years of intensive research led by (now) Prof. Dr. Michael Kiriac, PhD, ND, BioSuperfood was born. For 30+ years people and animals have been using BioSuperfood to regain and maintain their health. Please view the video summary of Awakening the Genius below for the comprehensive history.

The Captivating Story of BioSuperfood (Bio-Algae Concentrates)

Click Here to Buy BioSuperfood Now!

Click Here to Buy BioSuperfood Now!

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