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Why Get More Than 1 bottle?

Why Get More than 1 Bottle of BioSuperfood?

BioSuperfood is unique in its ability to optimize the hypothalamus, and thus the entire endocrine system, to function optimally. But, depending on the shape your body is in, it could take some time -- up to three or four months -- for this full process to take effect.

This is why we recommend to anyone truly interested in taking full advantage of what BioSuperfood has to offer, to purchase 4 bottles of F2 or F3 and take the recommended dose of 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 2 at night, for four months. 

In the best case scenario, have blood tests or live blood analysis performed before and after this four month period has elapsed, to really get a medical understanding of exactly what BioSuperfood is doing in your body.

Also, make a logbook of the changes that are taking place in your body, so you can refer back to it over time.

Feel free to contact us about our customizable autoship program which will help you incorporate BioSuperfood into your long term health plan. 

Click Here to Buy BioSuperfood Now!

Click Here to Buy BioSuperfood Now!

Click Here to Buy BioSuperfood Now!

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